Welcome to Gods of Mischief

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  • Star Citizen

    Everyday we look for better ways to kill our enemies… Would you like to know more?
  • Ark: Survival Evolved

    We are proud to announce we are launching our very own ARK Ragnarok server! Depending on the success of this server, we’ll launch a full cluster
We are a band of crazy viking lovers who love to play random games together and laugh our asses off.However we do not only fuck around, we do have a serious side to gaming as well. Enjoy your stay!

Community Guidelines

Your actions alone determine where you end up. Vikings do not believe in rules and therefore we use a set of guidelines! If someone choose to ignore these simple guidelines you will be punished and sent to Nifelheim!
  • We’re here to hang out and play games. Fun is the keyword.
  • Wits or GTFO
  • If you have a problem with a Viking take it up with a community manager or in private, no one wants to see your housewife BS drama
  • English is the official language in this community.
  • Don’t treat people like YOU want to be treated. Who knows what kind of fucked up habits you have – instead treat them with decency and common sense. If you feel like flaming, please gtfo
If you have a question, check the F.A.Q. or contact us via Contact us page.

Star Citizen

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EU GodsOfMischief.net Public #1

Ark: Survival Evolved

Address: Mischief.ddns.net
Slots: 70
Map: Ragnarok

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