Gods of Mischief coming to LiF MMO

Gods of Mischief are coming to Life is Feudal:MMO, are you ready to get shrekt?

On November 17th, everyone that owns Life is Feudal: Your Own will get access to the MMO which is going into early access on Steam or if you own any of the MMO packages.

We’ll be playing in EU Region but we welcome our brothers and sisters from NA to join us or from any other part of the world if interested.
We are not the most experienced crew in LiF, but we have played ton’s of other survival games and other MMO’s which we won’t get into details about since it is quite a few games

We currently have a private LiF:YO Server we are practising on which will be available for all our members if the server can handle it :D


Here’s some things our community requires of you besides the community guidelines

  • Age 18+
  • Ability to speak English
  • Own a Microphone, we’d like to interview each person real quick and get to know you.

Easiest way to get in contact with us is by joining our Discord (discord.godsofmischief.net) and Mention @[GoM]Damian#2636 or @LiF Officer for all the Life is Feudal leaders/Officers

Also once you join discord you can write in !rank LiF to join the Life is Feudal section and talk about the game there with your fellow people and get to know each other =)


  • What kind of people are you looking for?
    Hardcore, Casuals, red green and blue. We are inviting everyone thats looking for a fun dedicated group
  • How much do i need to play?
    We understand that some people have that thing called “Lives”? so we don’t have any real expectations of you playing 24/7, some of us have kids and some of us have stressful jobs. You play as much as makes you comfortable, and if you stop playing you’re still welcome to hang around with us =)
  • Whats your stance on PK?
    We are for PK, there’s several uses for enemies tears which we won’t go into detail about right now
  • How much Experience do I need?
    None, we’ll learn together or someone in our Guild can teach you