Ark: Survival Evolved

Server information:
Address: Click here to join now
XP Multipler: x50
Gathering/harvest: x20
Food/water: 0.1 (90% less drain)
Turret dmg: x2
Turrets in range: 300 Custom recipes disabled due high crafting speed
Unlimited Mindwipes
DOUBLE SERVER BACKUP every 30min, Game makes a save and backup, External backup to other harddrive as well

The server will not have any silly rules to adhere too, the only thing we will take action against is Glitching/Exploiting (Permanent ban). Any items lost to an glitch/bug will not be compensated

If you have any questions regarding the server you can contact KmZKaMiKaZe here on website or take contact with him on discord KmZKaMiKaZe#8006
Player Related

Player Related

  • Player Level 100
  • Stats per level:
    • Health: 10/lvl
    • Stamina: 10/lvl
    • Oxygen: 20/lvl
    • Food: 10/lvl
    • Water: 10/lvl
    • Weight: 50/lvl
    • Damage: 5/lvl
    • Movement Speed: 1.5/lvl
    • Crafting: 10 000/lvl
Dino Related

Dino Related

  • Dino LvL 120
  • No boosted stats
  • Taming x50
  • Breeding interval: 0.1 (more frequent)
  • Egg Hatching Speed: x50
  • Baby Maturing Speed: x50