Star Citizen

We are a blend of Hardcore/Social exclusive Corporation. As we are a Multi-gaming community our main focus is that everyone has fun while playing with us and not necessarily only play Star Citizen.

Our long term goal is to become a completely self-sustaining corporation that doesn’t need help from other organisations in order to survive. We firmly believe everyone playing star citizen should get some sort of in-game military training and therefore have mandatory military training sessions. We believe in rewarding people for hard work and therefore will reward people that have the corporations best interest at heart.

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As the game is still in “alpha” we’ll try to use this time to learn as much as possible about the game and it’s mechanics. So what does this even mean? well we can’t really build an corporation of what the game might become just yet but we can build a strong solid foundation which we can build upon while we are playing pre-release.

So at this moment we are working on 2 different plans.
First plan: Learn as much as humanily possible about all the careers, see how we can maximize profits from each career
Second Plan: Learn from the first plan and implement systems to make our corporation as efficient as possible without to much hassle

So if you’re interested in building up a great corporation then you’ve come to the right place

Rules of Engagement

Just as any organisation out there we have Rules of Engagement, a certain standard that we expect every single member/leader of this corporation to follow.

  • We do not engage random ships for shit and giggles.
  • We do not Kill on Sight unless on our (s)hitlist.
  • All your actions out in the verse reflects on our corporate image, so act accordingly.
  • Before engaging in battle you must find out if the ship(s) has hostile intentions or just looking around. If hostile you may engage. If not hostile, advise your superior about the situation and wait for orders.
  • We do not gloat or moan about win or lose situations.

Frequently Asked Questions (WIP)

  • What kind of corporation are you? At core a military corporation, Our goal is to become a self-sustaining corporation,
    And we won’t be taking shit from anyone
  • What kind of stuff will you be doing? We aim to be able to have people do whatever it is they want as long as they keep doing their part for the corporation
  • What is this Corporate structure you have? Similar to an IRL Corporation but with less hassle, There will be some paperwork *sadface* but it’s there for good reason, so we can strive to become better all the time.
  • Will you be doing piracy? Yes, most certainly we will have piracy time to time just like every other organisation out there… we call bullshit on their “no piracy” policies.
  • Are you a completely legit corporation? No, we don’t believe organisation/corporations should limit their members with rules about legitimacy. We do have a certain standard, we keep our word, we do not randomly attack… So we are “Pirates” that you can trust.
  • What kind of priorities do you have?
  • What other games will you be focusing on? As we are an multi-gaming community we will be playing lots of games, but our main focus will most likely be Star Citizen once it releases but until then we’ll play whaever the fuck we want.
  • Do I need to be a hardcore player to join you? Hardcore, Casual, green, yellow blue and red. Everyone is welcome, we won’t discriminate unless your’re under 18 years then we might frown upon you.
  • Are you accepting filthy casuals? Star citizen coming to consoles? See previous answer
  • Are you only accepting members from specific areas (EU/US/AS)? We will recruit from as many different timezones as we can simply cause it will be needed.
  • What kind of “end game” are you looking at? Self-sustaining corporation with a hand in every career possible out there.
  • Do you have org tax? Yes we will have a org tax, but it will be used to further our corporation by buying ships, helping members that are in a rough spot etc.
  • What kind of experience do i need to join? No experience is needed, our drill Sgt’s will take good care of you
  • What can i do to help the corporation out? As the game is still in alpha we expect you to have fun and learn more about the different jobs and careers out there, by learning more about the game you will be able to help out the corporation in the future


Chain of Command

We have a long chain of command but without it we’d be lost.

Our Corporate structure is currently under construction and end result may differ a lot after finished

Our goal is to setup a dynamical command structure where anyone can step in as needed. More details to come


Proper communication is extremely important to avoid mishaps and dumb situations.

We have Mumble server, Teamspeak, Discord and can add more if needed.
Discord is great in lots of ways except for relaying important information to everyone since lots of the messages gets drown out very quickly when a lot of activity in a channel and that is something we are determined to avoid.

As time fly by we’ll have to adapt and so we shall


Our goals with the corporation

As mentioned before the game is still in development so we have to have several goals and see where we end up. But our end goal is to be a self-sustaining corporation.

During development our goal is to get members that fit in and enjoy our old ass company, we are very unique individuals with a super weird sense of humor.

We will be putting in milestones for our corporation as we grow and learn more about the game.


The whole goal with recruitment is to get the right people in and keep them in. No one wants to be around a person who doesn’t enjoy himself in his current company.

Our whole recruitment process is still under construction, we want to make sure that people that join our corporation wants to stay and evolve with us.


The game is going to be extremely complex and best way to save everyone time is to get specialists to train people.

As people grow tired of their day-to-day work ingame we’ll setup training sessions with all the different jobs the game has to offer for a little variety and so people can get into their new jobs as quick and painless as possible.

Our Training Policies

  • Everyone receives Standard combat training.
  • Everyone receives Standard officers training.
  • TBA
Star Citizen


What kind of expectations can you have from our corporation?

  • No dental plans
  • Everyone has a chance to advance in ranks
  • War – There will always be a war to fight
  • Training in every aspect of the game
  • TBA